2021 – A Year Of Value Addition And Creation For Macson Shipping

Macsons Shipping has always been adding and creating value consistently to the Service we provide employing different approaches

Basically, the role of an agency divides into the routine and the exceptional. Routine agency tasks are not dramatic, but it is in the exceptional issues when an agency’s expertise and collective experience produce value for the client far beyond the cost of the service.

And to continue stand out as an exceptional Shipping Service Provider, Macsons Shipping has added few more value to its services during the current year 2021

To mention as a first, it was this year Macsons Shipping got certified for its “GOOD DISTRIBUTION PRACTICE” (GDP) in the sphere of “Shipping and Distribution Services of Pharma Products & Medical Devices, Cold Chain & Perishable Products, Food and Agri Products” 

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) has always been an integral part of quality assurance in Macsons Shipping, through which we enable and regulate the distribution of health-care, Vaccines and Cold chain products from the premises of the manufacturer to the end user while ensuring that products are consistently stored, transported and handled under suitable conditions as required by the marketing authorization (MA) or product specifications during all aspects of the distribution process.

Secondly, partnering with a USA based NVOCC holding FMC LICENSE this year enables and empowers us to book Container slots for export shipments to USA from India at Special contract rates and to legitimately use FMC approved Bill of Ladings (BLs) – a mandatory document for all US bound shipments. It’s another feather in our cap.

Thirdly, this year, Macsons Shipping had the privilege to acquire membership in several internationally acclaimed organizations rendering distinguishable services to the Global Shipping Industry and Fraternity.

And finally, last but not least, this year also saw Macsons Shipping being celebrated nationally for playing a key role in the supply chain that facilitated the call of a limestone laden ship to Tuticorin port which created a record for bringing the largest parcel ever to be handled at Tuticorin port. (Refer Our blog posted earlier)

As a matter of fact, despite the jolts the shipping industry had been consistently subjected to by the onslaught of the ongoing Pandemic Macsons shipping had providentially managed to stay on course during the year 2021 focusing on its vision of becoming a globally sought-after Maritime Service Provider at this part of the world

The dawning of the New Year that brings along with it the thrust of digital revolution opens up a brand-new chapter for Macsons Shipping extending us yet another opportunity to reinvent ourselves and to create, add more value to what we do which in turn might help us to stay relevant in the industry and also to navigate through the year pursuing our objectives with much more ease.

Wish you all a Happy New year 2022 !!